Sea View Retail

The new corner local

this current project is located on the historic birkenhead point only a moments throw from auckland’s CBD.

the proposal looks to continue the boutique flavour of this neighbourhood, and contribute positively to its heritage surroundings.

stepping out towards both street and corner, the development adds to an existing warehouse and office building constructed in 1975. 

the design, a negotiation between an industrial asset and a primarily residential context, introduces 3 new retail tenancies with office / living spaces above.

materiality and massing becomes the creative focus to compliment the historic two storey structure that book ends at the next corner.

subtleties of shadow and light push and pull the facade humanising the experience, while maintaining a relevance to the original building it is attached too.

this project has been designed under significant heritage constraints, but generates an effective outcome for a valuable asset.

2015 / Mixed Use Development / 600m2 / Birkenhead Point Auckland N.Z