Anzac Lofts

Sustainable living

Informed by previous industrial use and history of the site, the architecture strikes clean and simple lines that stand LOFT tall to capture the sea views of browns bay. Accessing the site centrally the environment is communal, playful and inviting, softened with vertical and horizontal green walls. Working with a durable and low maintenance pellet of materials, the presented form is sophisticated and sustainable.


Each dwelling claims its own identity with specific privacy screen finish and nominated signature cladding expressed at the ground floor and threshold before rising up flag like. Once inside you are lifted from a practical ground floor layout to a smart first floor of sleeping space, then onto the main living floor above, into the light and view. The interior reinforces the modern external lines and is light and spacious. timber elements feature and soften to provide spaces of comfort.

2015 / Mixed Use Development / 25 Terraces House + 16 Apartments + 5 Retail / Anzac Ave Browns Bay Auckland N.Z