North Piha

A place to rest in the wild west

a bach like dwelling was to take care of the basics within the hands of the wild west coast of auckland.

the project brief was to retain as much of the existing house structure as possible while upgrading what existed to accommodate a large family.

the existing deck has been retained and the proposed new build follows the original building lines on all other sides of the property.

working within the existing footprint and constraints of site the new build proposes simple forms with a natural pellet of materials.

where colour is introduced, shades are complimentary of then environment while making reference to earlier period holiday homes.

orientation and focus is directly towards the beach, while discrete openings allow for northern and diffused southern light to enter the interior.

a simple structure to simplfy ones relationship to another to nature.

2014 / New Build Residential / 150m2 / North Piha Waitekere Ranges Auckland N.Z