New Zealand Fashion Week

installation work


In an increasingly diverse and inter-connected world, sharing of ideas between different creative industries is providing new enriched experiences of our world.

The opening show for NZ Fashion Week 2016 showcased the collaboration between TAYLORED studio and SALASAI combining creative forces in architecture and fashion to stage a dynamic installation and performance never seen before on our shores.

With a domestic flavour to the production the catwalk was framed with a 20 x 5 meter long structure that demarcated the boundaries for the performance and created a series of rooms and implied windows that framed the domesticated contents.
The installation housed hanging portraits, furniture as object, and 20 models displaying the SALASAI clothing range for men and women.

All senses were considered for the potency of the show, but visually the dynamic frame delivered no view or camera shot quite the same. The play between moving model and portrait layered the visual experience creating a montage of fashion like the layering of cloths.

Constructed from timber the installation was required to be installed and uninstalled in under 30 minutes while presenting the contents of the show at a relevant scale. The design of the space frame was made up of a series of ordered panels that had a structural logic to their arrangement. At the same time the panels needed to be a transportable size and fixed into position with ease.

Both established in 2007, TAYLORED studio and SALASAI share similar protocol where exception and detail command design.

2016 / New Zealand Fashion Week