Rodney Rams


Located north of Auckland on the east coast is a small but close community of Whangateau. Centre piece to the surrounding residential settlement is Whangateau Reserve that looks over Whangateau Harbour.


Standing at the NE end of the reserve is the home of the Rodney Rams Sports Club. In 2014 the Rodney Rams clubrooms burnt down leaving only the remains of concrete building base and the community without a roof.
With a limited build budget TAYLORED was approached to work alongside of client, contractor, and Auckland Council to re-build and establish new for a tight community.


The project was to be built in two stages, starting with the shell with the base build partially fitted out, and finishing with a complete fit-out of all interior spaces. With economic and environmental constraints in place, all aspects of the design were considered with creative rigour. The challenge to mitigate unnecessary cost, without compromising the communities aspirations for the future build.Starting with the reuse and recycle of all building remains on site, various construction methodologies were considered alongside functional demands.Partnering with Auckland Council all design tasks were confronted and design solutions delivered to allow this community project to progress onto site.


The project is currently under construction – watch this space.


2015 / community sports club / whangateau