Residential / Local Development

This residential and local development is another TAYLORED project that focuses on the growth of suburban Auckland neighborhoods.

Located just off the ridgeline that distinguishes coastal Birkenhead from the inner suburb of Birkdale, the sites face north with a NE and NW perspective.

The amalgamation of two properties that have been within the family for three generations brought about the need to consider the future generations with appropriate density. The development is made up of two large format two-level homes that front the street to keep in character with the immediate neighborhood.

The rear of the site accommodates three smaller two-level dwellings. One duplex, and one stand-alone that capture the views of the Waitemata Harbour in the distance. A moderate fall in land provides an opportunity to individualize the views for each of the proposed new residences.

New levels of density within the section have brought forward the need to address private open space while accepting the new formula of living spaces, where the site has to consider the interior of the site in relation to its public exterior. The hierarchy of living space is questioned while being developed with sensitivity.

current / medium density / local development